How to see details of download errors in Rhapsody

Hi!  I just got my Fuze the other day, and installed a 4G chip two days ago, everything seemed fine until today.

I have Rhapsody to Go, and was moving more over to the external chip today, and the first set went, but the

last did not, it just kind of hung.  I think I was probably going over the available room, but now it seems to be

constantly saying it is downloading stuff to both the external and internal memory, and the error window pops

up at the bottom of the Rhapsody screen, when it shows you the memory on device and progress.  When I click 

on the error icon, it says that  ‘there were errors in one or more actions’, adn to click the help icon to figure out

why.  I do not see any help icon anywhere, and when I click on the Rhapsody help on the tool bar, it just opens

up their online help.  I would love to be able to see the specifics of these errors.  Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help.

Mary Beth