How to save converted videos to HDD?

I got my new Fuze a few days ago filled it with music and also converted and transfered some vids to it, all worked well. But I wonder if there is any chance to only convert a video file and save it to the hdd of my computer without tranfering it to the fuze? The helpfile says that, if there is no player connected this will work but if I try this i can not start the conversion the startbutton is greyed out. Can somebody help me?



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Unfortunately the Fuze needs to be connected to get the Convert option.

The only way to get it to you HDD would be to copy it from the Fuze once the conversion and transfer is done.

Go Sansa!

Thanks for your fast reply!

To bad that there is no other chance. Perhaps this is a feature for the next SMC version :wink:.

Although the Fuze is a great player.

…most people today have an USB travel flash. Just plugin your sansa in one usb port,travel flash in other. In SMC you can see (uper left) pictures of sansa and micro sd card (in this case your usb flash drive).Select it,convert video to it (you can even disconnect sansa during conversion) … and after the conversion is over…copy it on your hdd. It’s a little bit faster this way.

Hope i helped a little :stuck_out_tongue:

ps-- sory for bad english (if any :P)

That USB flash trick won’t work (I THINK) with the e200-

I convert in MSC mode then copy them to my computer when they’re done…

…it works with my e250v2 just fine.I also have kingston 2gb travel flash.

@djavolko wrote:

…it works with my e250v2 just fine.I also have kingston 2gb travel flash.


I’ll have to try it with my portable harddrive then- that’s what I store my videos on anyways!!  :slight_smile: