How to replace broken clip on Clip+?

Actually, surprisingly not horrid!   :wink:

Has anyone tried magnets with Clip? This is what I am thinking. assuming no interference with the player!

Two flat magnets smaller than a quarter. Glue one to the back of the player. Then hold the player against gym shorts or t-shirt sleeve, then attach the second magnet from the other side of the fabric. In theory, it should work. 

What I am not sure is whether or not the magnet will distort the sound, or damage the player!

Any thoughts?

Clever idea!  Although I still might be concerned about the Clip becoming undone if you brush against something, moreso than with a clip.

14124all’s suggestion is great. It worked for me. I used a small clamp after protecting the Clip with a towel.  I used  a gorilla glue and waited 2-3 hours.

It looks great and it is much sturdier than the original clip. 

Hey guys.  New to this forum, and don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but there are some decent generic clips out there.  I’m all for rigging my own stuff whenever necessary; but if there’s a cheap solution that somebody else already makes – that suits my needs, even better.

Here’s a link for a clip that I’ve used on a couple of cell phones:

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Good luck,


Here’s another:

I searched the part # to find it & posted the first hit I got – I’m sure you can find the same thing (or similar) for less.  I bought mine at Ocean State Job Lot for $1 a few years ago, to use on a cordless phone handset.  It’s a 2-pack of plain black plastic clips that attach with double-sided tape.  It’s a little longer than the Sansa Clip, but it’s just a piece of plastic (cut at your own discretion).  I used 1 of the 2-pack, and the other is still in the package (that’s where I got the info to search).  The clip itself is marked “The Clip Co.”, but the package says Southwestern Bell S60179.

Personally, I think the other link I posted is a better option – and should be available locally at a Walmart, Target, dollar store, etc.  That one is a plastic button that gets attached to the device (your Clip) with double-sided tape, and the button clips into the belt clip (sturdy, quick-release, swivel, and easy to get on & off whatever you feel like clipping it to).  The one I got also came with a separate piece that I stuck on my dashboard, so I can hang my phone there instead of on the belt clip while I’m driving.

Hope this helps.

Btw, great job with the homemade!!  I like it!!

After reading a variety of posts, I did my own take.  I eventually decided I should not glue anything to the Unit, so I used some industrial velcro tape that I cut to the exact size of the back of the Sansa Clip Unit.  One “half” of that velcro tape was attached to the back of my Clip; and the other “half” of the velcro tape was attached to an office supply clip I bought at the Dollar Store that is about the same size as the Sansa Clip Unit and has a flat, plastic surface.  Anyway, it is a tad bulkier than the original Sansa Clip, but it does the trick.  (Full Disclosure:  The Velcro was actually my wife’s idea – I just wanted to use glue, but she wisely said, “what if THAT clip breaks and its glued to your thinga-ma-jig?” – & lo and behold, it eventually did; but with the velcro, I just popped on another clip from the bag of 10 I had). 

Good for you!   :slight_smile:

Something similar worked great for me, an idea from some genius in another forum: In stationery department or 99c store, buy a clear plastic ID/name tag holder that clips on with a metal clip. Remove the metal clip (the plastic pulls right out), rough up the metal surface with an emery board; ditto the area of the Sansa Clip+ where you will position it. Put several tiny drops of instant krazy glue on Sansa, hold15 seconds, then leave it for a couple of hours. This is bulkier than the original clip, but works fine. Bonus: one side of the new metal clip has a hole at the top, for the alternative of wearing the name badge on a string around your neck. I used a long black shoelace.  This has some advantages for me beyond the belt-and-suspenders potential.

I bought Klix paper clips online at office depot. package 10 for $3.59 free shipping. glued on with some super glue - works like a charm.

I just love Sansa Clip Users… cheap ass bastards who love our Sansas and will find a way to keep using them!

Went to Dollat Tree today looking for some of the suggested items. Found a 'Universal Swivel Clip for Nokia 5100/6100. 

It’s heavy duty and quite substantial feeling. The little U thing that I think has something to do with the swivel is slightly narrower than the Sansa. I super glued the U thing and the Sansa fit on it perfectly with no filing off any plastic parts. Due to nature of DT, I’m heading back tomorrow for some more (Got 4 sansa’s that have the potential of the clips breaking in the future!)

Good luck!

after 1 year, mine broke also. I had a small binder clip hanging around, and I duct taped one of the metal prongs to the back of the sansa clip.  Looks like crap, but it works!  thanks for all the great suggestions in the previous posts!

Please post link or model # or picture - can’t find

Please post link, or model # or picture as I cannot find.

Please post link, picture or model # of Klix paper clips as I cannot find. Thanks in advance.

Here is a 3D printed solution.

I realize this post is OLD, but my clip just broke this week. GRRR…

I came across my son’s tie clip  for work and realized it would work perfect. I clipped off the hard plastic off the back of my sandisk , took a rat tail from my husbands toolbox and sanded it down flat on the back.  

Used some superglue to glue the tie clip to the san disk. Works great!!! 

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I’m not handy, and this doesn’t look great, but it’s quick and easy.
The binder clip even allows you to prop the Sandisk Clip Sport up.

Yeah, I ran into this problem, too. I took a clip from name badge. Glued it behind the player. Better then original!