How to remove .CDA files from Express?

I mistakenly dropped CDA files on the express vice the MP3 files.  It won;t let me remove them - remove the write-protection it is telling me.  I have tried a hard reset and a reset all, to no avail.  Any suggestions?  I looked through the manual and through the forum, to no avail.  Thanks so much.

OK - found a previous post to help with removing the cda files.  Now to fix the unknown album/artist on Express.  Tammi

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I have finally found a solution to the problem described in my previous post. The trick is to change Express’ mode to MSC. Once the mode is changed to MSC windows will recognize SD memory card as an external drive. You will need to format it. After the format is finished, Express will recognize the card and you will be back in the game.
In order to change the mode to MSC follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the Start button and Select Settings. Then click on Control Panel. 
  • Double click System, and then select the Hardware tab. 
  • Click on Device manager. 
  • Click on the ‘+’ for Portable device and you will see “Insignia Video Player”. 
  • Right click and select “Update driver”.
  • A Hardware Update Window will open, Select “No, not this time” when windows asks to search for software.  Click next.  Check the “Install from a list or specific location” checkbox and then click next.
  • On the next screen select “Don’t Search. I will choose the driver to install”. 
  • Click next and then you will see a window showing two drivers that are compatible with your player.
  • To put the device into MSC mode select “USB Mass Storage Device” and click next. 
  • A finish installing driver will appear and your device will now appear as a hard drive on your system.

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