How to recover lost PPT's?

I have a Sandisk USB in which I had saved some important PPTs but now when I connect the SSD to my laptop,it does not show any files.
Probably I have lost the data.

Kindly suggest a good software to recover my lost PPT’s.

First if you have a Windows computer try running the CHKDSK command for the USB drive.  If that doesn’t help try the recovery apps shown in this posting:

Be careful trying random recover apps that say “free download” because that will be the only part of the app that is free.

BTW What is a PPT?

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I guess the OP means PowerPoint files, with.ppt/.pptx as extension.


If you are looking for a quick way to resolve this issue, try a reliable Removable Media Data Recovery software to bring back your lost files.

It sounds like a case of data loss.

But don’t worry,a professional data recovery software is the solution .
I can’t vouch for any other product but Stellar Windows Data Recovery.

I have used the product in the past to recover lost excel files and the software restored 100% of the data.

I hope it works fine for you as well.

Did you buy the $59.99 version or the $79.99 version Casey77?

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I also faced such scenarios just an hour before my presentation. Then at that time one of my friend recommended me a tool which works well for me. And, I hope this works well for you.

Well, in order to do so what you can do is try SysInfo Tools PPT Repair Tool v1.O

Was that the $49 version?  Does it tell you why the files were deleted or corrupted?  Did you try a CHKDSK command on the drive before buying the app?


One of the methods for opening corrupt powerpoint files is

By Modifying Default Properties

Follow the given below steps:

  • Go to Start >type dcomcnfg in Search Box

  • Click on open > go to Component Services

  • Click on My computer

  • Select properties > Default Properties

  • Then set Default Authentication Level as Connect and Default Impersonation Level as Identify

  • Click OK

To know more about the manual methods, you can read the blog post, Opening corrupt powerpoint files

You can also use the professional Powerpoint recovery tool.



There can be many instances where one can lose the Powerpoint presentations. These can be due to abrupt system shutdown due to power failure, virus infection, hard drive problems or other reasons.

If you are facing the problem of lost PPT files, you can know the tips and trick to get these .ppt files back.

Read the post: Recover Lost PPT files

Mark did you create the $49 Recovery Tool you keep pushing/recommending or are you a “marketing” employee?  Did you write the blog posting?

Many tools like Bitwar, Recuva, Disk Drill, etc. can recover various files, including PPT, Word, EXcel, and so on. You can make a careful selection and have a try.