How to reclone an SSD that has already been cloned

After a Windows 10 upgrade the functionality of many programmes became corrupt, all this data is backed up to the original HDD drive.

I have replaced the SSD back to the HDD, my PC now functions as it should. Reconnected the SSD as an external drive to the PC via a USB port to clone the HDD to the SSD.for the purpose of recloning the SanDisk SSD

The SSD is assigned a Drive letter (E:) (see attachment), but does not appear in Devices and drivers, so it is not recognized by EZ GIG 1V an unable to clone

Please assist with cloning

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Are you using the arpricorn USB cable? IIRC that software requires you use their SATA to USB cable. 

You can download and install the SanDisk SSD Dashboard. inside under the tools tab they offer a free version of Acronis for disk cloning. I would suggest trying that software and see if you can use it to clone the hdd. 

Thnks drlucky

I have sucessfully cloned 3 SanDisk SSD’s without a apricorn USB cable, by fitting the SSD to an external hard drive case and power supply and plugging in a USB from there to my PC.

SanDisk dashboard is already installed, I use the dashboard’s User Forum.

I am attempting to overwrite and clone over the used SSD,  using AOMEI,

Cheers for the feedback

The last leg of the final remedy was to run Acronis from the dashboard, . . .thanks drlucky

Remedy . . .No need to erasr and sanitize, installed both the HDD and SSD to the sata ports on the motherboard from there, a couple of technical issues acronis specifically automatically restart,  the clone was successful and disconnected the HDD

2 solid days searching for a solution, finally I have a pc with a SSD that’s properly functioning

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Hello Matross, 

You can perhaps help me. 

I have a simmilar issue as Acroid is unable to run, as it does not recognize the SanDisk SSD.

How did you run Acronis from the dashboard?  I can’t find that option.

Thank you in advance