How to queue all podcasts in the podcast folder

I posted on the FAQ board yesterday about the Sansa devices and today I purchased the Clip. It’s quite nice, but I’m not quite sure how the podcast features are supposed to work.

I’d like to be able to ‘queue’ my podcasts so that the Clip would play all the podcasts it has without me having to select the next shows or anything. I haven’t found a way of selecting all the podcasts from the podcast folder, is it possible somehow?

I came up with two possible workarounds for this. I can put the podcasts into the music folder and then I can select “Play All”. Or I could make a playlist of all the podcasts I want to listen to and then choose that on the device.

I came up with another workaround for this issue. I download the podcasts and then I use Easytag to modify all of the tags to ‘Casts’ or something like that, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not ‘Podcast’. Then I can use the Play All selection from the Genres menu and it’ll play all the podcasts.

I wish folder hierarchies were supported or the Podcasts menu at least had a Play All selection like the Music menu has…

Why not just use your tagging program to give all the podcasts the same album tag? That way once you start the album, it will play straight through. Using a different genre than podcast or audiobook(if they are not in the podcast or audiobook folder) will case the podcasts to be listed in your song list(which most people don’t want). It will also not give you the autobookmarking that is present with the podcast or audiobook genres(or if the files are placed in the podcast or audiobook folder)

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Thanks for the idea, I’ll need to try that as well.

I downloaded easytag but I can’t get it to work on my computer. Isnt there a way to do this without tagging software?

I haven’t experimented with my Clip, but how about this as a method:

1.  Store the podcasts in a folder on your Clip not named Podcasts or Audiobooks (how about “P-casts”?).

2.  Using Windows, select all your podcasts, right-click on them, click on Properties, and go to the ID3 tag screen (under Windows 7, it’s under the Details tab) and then type in a name of your choice under the Genre field, again not Podcast or Audiobook (e.g. “P-cast”).

To play, select the Genre selection under Music, choose the genre name you created for your podcasts, and then choose play all.

If you have a Clip+, I think (but again, I haven’t experimented with this) that you could play your podcasts folder using the Folder navigation/play option at the bottom of the Music listing–won’t the player automatically advance from the first file in the folder to the last that way?