How to put an MP3 audiobook (CD) onto Sandisk?

I simply can’t figure this out–all the instructions seem to be for moving music from a standard music CD, or some cases turning a regular audiobook CD into an MP3 file.

But the books I bought are already in MP3 format, on CDs. I just can’t figure out how to get them into my Sandisk. Do I use Windows media player or something else? I couldn’t find any way to do this using the media player, despite clicking on all the mysterious-to-me tabs, highlighting the book’s icon and its chapters, right-clicking here and there, trying to drag-and-drop, and so on.

I hope someone can help before this old lady has to toss two books in the trash out of sheer frustration!

If the3 files are in mp3 format on the CD then I’m assuming you have some kind of data CD and not a audio CD  Then you should be able to use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and copy the files to your hard drive.  Personally I would also change the player to use MSC so that you can copy the files from your hard drive to the player. 

Thank you for replying! This really seems to be an audio CD–it’s a mystery novel by Sarah Graves, being read aloud by an actress. It says on the box, “1 MP3 disk.”

I’m copying the chapters into a folder I’ve made on my hard drive, in case I’m able to figure out how to do what you suggest–but how would I go about “changing the player to use MSC”?

It’s in the Settings menu under USB mode.

MSC allows you to simply copy and paste files to a USB device.  MTP requires you to use a compatible media player, which I believe Windows Media Player is, and sync with the device.