How to play playlists one by one?

Is it possible to play a few different playlists one by one (without switching amongst them) on Sansa Fuze?

I’ll venture a guess that what you’re trying to do is have the Sansa play one playlist, then automatically go to the next playlist.  It would be interesting if the play all option were available under playlists.

Thus far, this option is not available.

Note that if you navigate to Music, the Play All option is available.  Same thing for Albums, Artists, Genres, etc.  It isn’t implemented for Playlists.  Come to think of it, this may be an interesting option.  For example, if you have several playlists of your favorites, it might be nice to have the Fuze play just your music that has been grouped in Playlists.


That’s something I’d like to see implemented, too.  Maybe a few others here, as well?

I’d like to see that.

That’s a no brainer. +1 to be able to queue playlists.