How to Move a Game From a CD to a Flash Drive

How to Move a Game From a CD to a Flash Drive

If you’ve got a computer video game stored on a compact disc for archival purposes, you can easily transfer those files over to a USB flash drive using Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer will let you view the contents of both drives simultaneously. With both drives open on screen, you only have to drag the specific files you’d like from one window into another to copy the game from the CD to the USB flash drive.

Put your game CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. Plug your USB flash drive into your computer.

Click “Start.”

3.Click “Computer.”

Right-click on the icon for your game CD and click “Explore.” Right-click on the icon for the USB flash drive and click “Explore.” There will now be two windows open on screen, one representing each of the two drives.

Drag your game files from the CD-ROM drive folder into the USB flash drive folder to transfer the game from one file into the other.

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