How to make Playlists without using the Windows Media Player:

The following procedure is not covered in the offical: Sansa Fuze+ User Manual _Sept.pdf

  1. Connnect Fuze+ via USB cable to PC.
  2. From Explorer goto Sanza Fuze+ , navigate to Internal Storage , there you will find 8 Folders:
        Audible, Music , Photo, Playlists, Podcasts, Recordings, Service, Video
  3. Create a new “FOLDER” under the existing Music folder.
  4. Copy Songs into the new “FOLDER”
  5. Open the New “FOLDER”, Select all Songs, RightClick, click Create Playlist
  6. Rename the file New Playlist.pla to something more meaningful. (ie. Blues Playlist.pla)

optional steps:

  1. Select the file New Playlist.pla , RightClick, goto Properties, click the References Tab
  2. Resort your New Playlist.pla files in the order you want the songs played.

You can create any number of new folders under the existing Music folder, each containing

a gendra of music files, each with their own playlists.

Which now leads to the following question: What’s the purpose of the existing Playlist folder?