How to make an image of a locked U3 USB?


I have locked myself from my 8GB Cruzer stick after 3 attemps while on a trip I am now back home and have the correct password, but I have understood it’s not possible to un-lock it anymore…

HOWEVER… I would now like to know how can I make a complete image of everything on my USB stick, I was thinking maybe in the future there will be a solution to unlock the password lock and enter the correct password I have at hand in an attempt to rescue what I have on my USB stick, is this a totally useless idea??

you can not make an image of the locked drive. unfortunately there is nothing you can do except for erase the drive and start over.  

After erasing the drive and starting over but before adding new files to the drvice try a file recovery program like PhotoRec and see if that can save some of the deleted files.

the erase is a secure erase. data recovery is not possible after the secure erase. 

It’s a “quick format” according to PortableApps.