How to install RockBox onto Clip+ Ultimate n00b Thread. Utter fail inside.

It seems that you’re making this much harder than it is. Download this file and unzip it. You’ll get a file named “clppa.bin”. This is the “bin file” that the Rockbox utility is asking for, so point the RBU to it when it asks for it.

EDIT: seems you figured it out yourself. Congratulations and I hope Rockbox is more to your liking than the stock firmware. But if I may ask, exactly what makes you say the sound is bad with the stock firmware? Sansas are widely acknowledged as delivering great sound quality.

^where were you 5 hours ago!?!?! lol

I just figured that out.  There are no youtube vids, tutorials, writeups or anything that explain this in great detail.

Maybe I can make a writeup people will actually understand if I can get this to work:stuck_out_tongue:

Sound quality is not nearly as crisp… it sounds much warmer than my iphone 4 with a smaller soundstage.  It makes things sound muffled with my Brainwavz M2 headphones.  Not an enjoyable experience compared to the iphone 4 stock for stock.

I’m replacing this Sansa Clip+ with my ipod nano gen 6 which sounded VERY similar to the iphone 4.

I read reviews the clip+ sounded better and i liked the micro SD slot option so I gave it a shot… so far disapointed but have yet to finish up rockbox.

It may sound like a stupid question, but are you sure the headphones were plugged in fully? The jack often offers a LOT of resistance when new, and it may only seem to be all the way in. Not having the plug fully inserted will cause poor audio quality.

Is there a certain key combo I need to press to get into rockbox?

I think I have it downloaded but was reading about a combination of keys I have to press ot get it started.

Thanks for the help guys

GWK I noticed there was quite a bit of resistance getting the jack in compared to other players I’ve owned.  But I made sure it was fully inserted.  It’s the player…

@mcfatterson wrote:

Is there a certain key combo I need to press to get into rockbox?


I think I have it downloaded but was reading about a combination of keys I have to press ot get it started.


Thanks for the help guys

Unless they’ve changed things, it should boot into Rockbox by default. The button sequence is for booting into the stock firmware (Rockbox installs in a “dual-boot” configuration, leaving the original firmware unmodified except for the bootloader).

Okay thanks… just started the thing up and I see the “rockbox” logo for the first second or so.

Takin it for a spin now

Quick comparison between the iphone 4 and rockboxed clip+ with Brainwavz M2 and FLAC files for those that care.  

Iphone 4/nano6 is better in every way with flat eq IMO… They have a nice crisp sound that still compliments bass nicely.  im shocked Cnet and so many others have rated the Clip+ better as far as SQ which was what I was going for.  The only way I can see it being better is the option for micro SD, the ability to upload FLAC if using windows and of course the price.

Clip+ is more of a neutral warm sound.  Still pretty clear but not as enjoyable with flat eq.  Too warm/muffled for my M2s.  I might like this device more with my Brainwavz M1s which I will be trying later. 

Clip+ without rockbox has weak bass and not as full of a sound… if anyone is thinking about rockboxing and listens to rap or electronica DO IT!  It’s a nice improvement… but if you have the money go for an Ipod classic or something.

I will be keeping this Clip+ only because I skateboard and snowboard with small devices like this and if it happens to get smashed from a fall it’s no big deal.  

Still a nice player… I guess I was just expecting more.

My next player will be a Cowon J3… I tried the S9 but did not like it’s odd shape and lack of SD slot.

Since you’re a FLAC fan, a rockboxed clip+ will give you noticeably better battery life than with the OF.


I’ve done everything correct, including the bin file thing.  Then I click install, and a progress box opens and everythings populates, and at the end it says “package installation finished successfully”.  So now what?  It’s not on my player.  How do I get it on there please?  Thanks,


Usually that means you set something wrong, like installing to the wrong disk or picking the wrong sandisk player model. Make sure you really do have a clip+ and that its really the drive letter or mount point you selected.