How to get the unit to ignore one hard disk

Hi, I have several hard disks in my PC one of which i only use as a temp location for downloaded files or other files that i do not need for very long.

Is there any way to force the Express Cache program to ignore one of the hard disks and yet still work with the other disks ?



No, the EC software does not ahve any setting to exclude a disk. All partitions and disks will be managed. IF the LBAs on the disk are not accessed often they will not be cached. 

it appears to be an option in the command line use eccmd

i do not know how to view the current eclusions.

open a cmd prompt and type eccmd (navigate to Program Files\Condusiv Technologies\ExpressCache if you get command not found) , it will present you with the list of commands and descriptions.

 this is the one you want

ECCMD -EXCLUDE drive letter