How to get rhythmbox/banshee or other linux software that uses HAL to recognize the clip.

From my experience using Ubuntu, neither rhythmbox nor banshee will automatically see the clip.  The solution is simple.

Create a file in the root directory of your clip and call it


Open the file and insert the line


That’s it.  Unmount/unplug your clip and reconnect it.  Banshee and rhythmbox should both now see your clip and you can easily add music directly from your favorite media player.

That’s my trick I learned today and I thought I would pass it along.

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Actually, you don’t even have to do that. Go to System–>Preferences–>Removable Drives & Media. Click on the Multimedia tab, & you’ll see a setting to make Rhythmbox launch when you connect the Clip.

Sure but HAL would not even detect my clip as a portable music player without the .is_audio_player file.

It works for me, & I didn’t have to do anything. I plug in the Clip, & my computer detects it without a hitch. Rhythmbox launched automatically, too. But I turned off that option in the settings I mentioned above, since I prefer to just copy & paste… It seems you might have an issue with your usb port.

hi, i’m new user of ubuntu & he see my clip as madia player and when i clik for performents it shows that it sansa clip, but i dont understend how to make ubuntu to show me the madia fiels

Though zombing a thread, if anyone is having trouble getting Banshee to see the Clip Zip, this does work for me.

Even though I am quite certain Xubuntu 10.10 uses udev now and not hal, the principle worked for Banshee 2.2.1

This worked well with Centos 6.5, Rhythmbox 0.12.8 and my sansa clip. HAL didn’t pick it up otherwise. Thank you for the useful tip.

Thank you!!!  You are 100% correct.  This worked fine for Linux Mint 13, Cinnamon with Banshee as the media player.

Much appreciated