How to get back videos for my sons?

My son has a Samsung smart phone that has held many wonderful family photos and videos on the inner memory card of this phone. They were all newly taken yesterday. However, as I tried to browse them on my computer, I stupidly deleted some videos by chance. I never wanted to do that. But, they were all lost. Do you know how can I get them all back? Are they can be found back in Recycle Bin or something? Please, help me!

The deleted files on a phone memory card often cannot be found in the Recycle Bin. But, that’s not to say, you have no way to get back your deleted videos and photos.

As long as you take the right steps, it is often possible for one to restore lost files back from a Samsung phone memory card.

Here are some detailed steps for you:

Step1. Stop using this phone in case that any new file would rewrite your original photos and videos.

Step2. Insert this phone to your computer and prepare to restore your photos and videos.

Step3. Download deleted file recovery program to help you. In fact, there are many similar data recovery tools out there. But, no all of them could be efficient and useful enough. So, you should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.

So, if you are interested, you can firstly try some data recovery freeware available online that always work much more efficiently than some paid ones, such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

Step4. Save and back up all the restored photos and videos on a different memory card or drive in case of data recovery failure.

Note: Next time, you’d better back up all your important photos on different memory cards or drives in case of the similar data recovery problems.

Thank you for your prompt answer.

I have restored my needed photos and videos back from my Samsung phone with the help of the listed data recovery freeware, especially the last one that has restored 90% of my needed data back. It is really powerful and free.

Thanks a lot!

That is unforgetable photos. For you they are so important. You may feel regret. I also have the simlar problem. I agree to the first floor’s way. However, i don’t want to follow him. Because it is so complex for a unprofessional person just like me. I am searching a easier way to solveit. Recently, i Found a very easy way to deal with it. The detail are as follows:

The most important thing is don’t touch your PC when you have lost your files.Because if you use it at once, your files will be lost forever, even if you use some data recovery software.

So please keep in mind. secondly, you can download external hard drive recovery. Wish to help you. 

That is not suitable for all of us, but for me it is fine. You also can fide other data recovery software from website. Just asyou like it.

Hi, Elvaloo9003! Thank you for your useful post here.

In fact, last weekend, I also deleted some newly taken photos off from my phone card by chance. So, in order to see them again, I just searched a lot, came cross this thread here and I knew that a camera data recovery program can help me out.

So, by seeking much more related information over the internet, I finally decided to try three highly recommended data recovery freeware, including 4Card Recovery Free, the above mentioned Recuva and TestDisk.

Fortunately, I eventually restored all my last photos back successfully with them all, especially the first recovery freeware that has restored the largest amount of my original photos.

Thank you very much!