How to get a MP4 converted to play on clipzip?


I have an audio book that is in MP4 format.  what do I have to do to the file to get it to MP3 so I can play it on my Zip clip?  I have tried just loading it stright on from my computer like I do for MP3’s but once the computer said it has transfered the file , it will not show up so will not play on the clip.  What do I need to do or what program do I need to use to get the audio book file into the right format to use.

thank you for helping a not too savie user.

Lady Zq

download the Oxelon Media Converter   works for a LOT of file types, both source and target type

You might also want to consider foobar2000 if you are on a PC.  It is a great music manager (like Windows Media or iTunes) but also very good for changing formats of songs, as well as tagging. 

It is also free and has great forums. 

You can also put Rockbox on your Clip which plays a ton of formats so you won’t have to change them.  It requires a bit more computer savvy, but you still can choose to use the original factory firmware when you turn on your Clip.