How to format 64GB uSDHC as FAT32?

DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I know that formatting this card as FAT32 voids all warranties. Never mind that, as I have a specific reason why I want to do this. Although I know from others that this can be done, I have yet to discover the exact methodology.

How can I format my 64GB uSDHC card as FAT32? I have SD Formatter 3.1 from the SD Association, but the user guide is cryptic at best. The formatting tool recognizes the card as 59.4GB, but the [Option] choices are only Format Size Adjustment ON/OFF. And what’s the FORMAT TYPE difference between  between FULL (Erase) and FULL (Overwrite)?

If not the SD Formatter, then what are the specific instructions (known to you to yield the desired results) for formatting this card as FAT32? Thanks.

GuiFormat has been recommended by others that have done this.