How to Fix the Issue of QuickBooks Not Connecting To the Bank?

QuickBooks, developed and managed by Intuit is an accounting software who has helped millions of people across the globe to flourish their business by handling their company’s financial and accounting details. To manage the transactions, you are required to enter the bank details while you are setting up the software and then connect it to the bank. But what if you find that the QuickBooks applications, just fail to connect to the bank and you are unable to download and update the transactions. This issue needs to be taken care of on the priority basis and for that, you need to apply the given steps:

  • Try logging in to the bank account by your login credentials
  • Update QuickBooks
  • Verify if the password of the bank has changed or not.
  • Sometimes, the server of the bank can cause issues. Try working after some time

If you find, that none of the above methods prove to be effective, then you need to immediately take the assistance from QuickBooks Support number.