How to embed owner information in Fuze?

One day a friend of mine came across an unmarked Sansa Clip abandoned (accidentally dropped, I’d wager) on the street. There was absolutely no indication as to the owner of the player, although it has to be said that the music contained within was rather horrible top-10 garbage.

He kept the Clip, by the way.

In any case, this got me thinking that I might want to somehow mark my Fuze as my own.

Any good ideas on how to do this?

Scratching my name into the casing appears out of the question, and there is no “user data” displayable on Fuze’s boot-up.

I typed my name and contact info (in LARGE FONTS) in MS WORD, converted that document to a .jpg and transferred that to the Photos folder on my machines.

There are several ways to store owner information in your Fuze, depending upon how creative you wish to be.  As Tapeworm suggests, you can shrink the information as an image, visible in photos, you can store a voice recording with a message, or even an mp3 file with your message.  rename the file data so it wil be noticed (the ID3 tag).

If you have subscription media, like Rhapsody, your email address is listed under “Account”.

Bob  :wink: