How to edit vault file in SecureAccess V2.0?

I am using SecureAccess V2.0 and cannot figure out how to edit a file in the vault (which is supposed to be possible).

I have started up the SecureAccess UI and entered my password, but when I try to use an app (e.g. Photoshop) to select a file, nothing shows up under the “SanDiskSecureAccess Vault”.  I can see other files on the USB drive that are outside of the vault.



A program like photoshop would not be able to see the encrypted database. I don’t have photoshop but I was able to edit a picture in paint using the following method.

  1. Log into SecureAccess

  2. Double click the picture to open the picture (in my case it open in Windows Photo Viewer) 

  3. In the menu at the top select Open, this should give you a list of other programs you can open the file with. I used MS Paint

  4. Edit the file and save

  5. Close the program you used to edit the file. You should see the edits you made in Windows Photo viewer

  6. Close Windows Photo Viewer

  7. When you go back to SecureAccess and open the file again you should see your edits.