How to Download .wma Digital Library Audiobook to Fuze+

I received notification from my public digital library that my .wma format audiobook is available to download.  I have until the 28th to download it.  Then I won’t be able to access it again unless I request it again.  I’ve already waited 5 weeks for it.  I purchased online for a 4G Fuze+ but it won’t get delivered until Dec 3.  I did purchase a 8G Micro. 

How can I download the .wma file now without my Fuze+ and then transfer it over to my Fuze+?  I’ve been reading that I need to have it directly to the podcast folder but that is for .aa format.  I would like for any of you experts to show me.  This is my first MP3 ever.  I’ve been downloading on to CDs but that is wasteful and bulky to carry around a CD player… 

First, you will need MTP capabilities on your PC for the license data, regardless of the client used for the transfer, be it NetLibrary or Overdrive, the two most common library applications.

On your computer, be sure to have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed, found via opening an earlier version of WiMP (Windows XP came WiMP 9, for example), and go to Help > Check For Updates, or you can download the latest Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

Here’s the interesting part!  You don’t need to open WiMP to have MTP available for your device, it runs in the background if you use Overdrive, for example.

Install the requisite library client, be it Overdrive or NetLibrary, and download the desired book.  You should be able to begin  listening to the book on your PC.

As soon as your new Sansa arrives, it will be in Auto Detect mode, and will try to connect in MTP mode first.  You can manually select this mode by scrolling over to Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

Transfer your book to the Fuze+ as described in the library directions.

At least with the arrival time overlap between the book and your new device, you can enjoy the story!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: