How to disable ReadyCache SSD temporaly


ReadyCache SSD is great at some tasks, like loading up Windows faster and loading certain apps you cached before.

However, when the system is under heavy load, writing and reading from disk all the time, performance decrees, up to the point it gets to freeze for a few seconds (games, virtual machines, or heavy download like Torrents)

I tried to disable caching, but it seems that it doesn’t stop caching stuff according to the FAQ, it just doesn’t read from it, so performance issues are still there.

The only thing I managed to do is disabling it thru device manager

What can I do in these cases? It really slows down the system on heavy tasks


since EC works at the driver level and there is no option in the GUI to stop caching your only option may be to disable it in device manager or kill the process in task manager. both options would likely lead to cache resets since the software would have no way of telling if the cached data changed while it was stopped.