how to detect this rat/skype virus in your machine

This virus hit my machine 12/07. Quietly it has deleted over 3,000 photos (discovered when I ran DiskInternal Uneraser and Card Recovery), it also duplicates data, Jpgs, deletes programs entirely (I lost Microsoft Publisher, Huey, Quicken) scrabbles your file order. This happens so slow that you will not see any thing for quite awhile. I did not realize something was wrong until I saw the “rats”. Emerald_rat,.jpg,Lighting_rat.jpg,White_rat.jpg images again appear in my “Picasa2” application. This virus is so smart that it changed the rat image jpg to png files and then I could not find them again and it loves to destroy Photoshop files. It also hide them in different places. Along with that you will find Skype.jpg files. This is a nasty, dangerous virus. I have deleted it 5 times and it comes back. I have ran 7 software’s (McAffee, Spyware Doctor, SpyBot, RegCure, Spy Terminator, PC Doctor, Windows Defender) against it and not one has found it. I suggest that you run the word “rat.jpg” and skype” and “rat” search. Also look for the picture of the rat. They look like game pieces in bight colors. Please email me if you get help in getting some rat poison to kill these pests.

All of those “rat png” files are contained in a particular version of Mahjong.  Lost files, corrupt files, filename corruption, files “changing locations”, all sound like you have a hardware problem that is corrupting your directory structure.  You can’t “find” the virus because there is none.  Back up what data you and run hard drive diagnostics ASAP.