How to Delete songs\albums on 2gb V 1

Inherited from my daughter, and glad I did.  I can delete on the computer but not on the unit!

The v1 can only delete from the computer. I believe the online manual is for the v2, which does allow you to delete on the unit, but the v1 doesn’t do that. 

If you are good with computers you can install Rockbox,  an alternate and unofficial firmware that will allow you to delete on  the unit. It’s for geeks and tweakers, though. 

Thnaks, I will give it a try.

Deleting only while connected to the computer is much easier & faster than installing and learning Rockbox, though; especially for a novice. The RB manual itself is 169 pages long!

Not trying to discourage you from trying out Rockbox. Just saying only being able to delete files while connected to the computer is not that bad a thing. You’ve got to connect to put the music on in the 1st place, right? So it’s not a big deal to delete music at the same time. It’s what’s called ‘managing’ your music. And it’s like this on many, many other players.

So don’t sweat the details. Just enjoy the player for what it does; don’t fret over what it doesn’t do. :wink: