How to delete factory songs

Hi guys,

How can I delete the default factory loaded songs like :


Dan Zanes


The Raveonettes


I do not need those…

Plus: how do I change-edit the gfx shown in the main menu under “Music” ?
the factory one got replaced by an U2 album cover which I saved in the folder…   Is it random or where do I put an own gfx for music menu ?

Thanks : Blaze

In the Settings change the USB mode to MTP, which provides access to those tracks and allows to delete them. After that, change the USB mode back to MSC.

I always just format a Sandisk player using the player menu when it is new, which gets rid of those songs. For some reason there also often seems to be some corruption of the memory when the player is new. Formatting the player using the player menu also fixes this. The first thing I do when I open up a new Sandisk player is format it using the player menu. This does delete the sample songs, so some might want to save copies of the sample songs on their pc before formatting the player using the player’s menu.

I wonder if you’re having consistent bad luck–I’ve never had memory corruption with new Clips (as far as I’m aware).