How to delete bad files from e270

I have this Sansa e270 6GB

I noticed songs that cannot be played “BAD FILES”. I cannot find them in my drive J. But these songs appeared until Songs & Albums in the Sansa Player e270.

How to delete these files?
My PC is using Windows Vista


I try to follow step. I am on USC mode and right click on the drive X: Sansa e270

and click for property, then tools 

But when I ask for check disk. It gives me a message:  Windows cannot check disk while it’s in use.???

Why is that?

I know there are songs inside of the player. But no such folder shown up when I check the Drive itself?

Turn it off and hold the power button to off for 30 seconds. Then try ChkDsk again.

If that doesn’t work, then try opening the back with a small screwdriver (don’t lose the screws), take out the battery for a minute or so, put it back in and reconnect to use ChkDsk. 

Both of those will reset some features and may help. 

You can’t see the same “folders” in your computer that are shown on the display because the E200 display isn’t showing you folders. It is showing information gathered from the files: Album, Artist, etc. All of the music is probably in one folder.  It may be the Music folder, which is hidden by default. 

Here is how to Un-hide the Music folder. 

If you can find the songs, you can delete albums that you think might be causing trouble.