How to create new folders

I recently purchased a 2gb Fuze for one purpose only, to listen to radio podcast. I have been unable to figure out how to add folders under the “Podcast” folder. For example, I would like a folder titled “Len” in the Podcast folder but it will not allow me to add a new folder.  What am I missing?



The easiest way is to use Windows Explorer to copy and paste a folder with files in it to the player. If you update the firmware in the player to the latest version, it will allow you to navigate by folders on the player.

I suggest that you use MSC for the USB mode if you don’t use protected files. If you update to the latest firmware and switch to MSC mode, you should format the player after that(via the player’s menu, which erases everything on the player, so make sure you have copies of everything on your pc first) then transfer everything to the player again.

I must be doing somehting wrong because I did as you said and the file folder still shows as “Unknown”.

You need to update your firmware, if you haven’t already. Then, under Music, the last choice will be Folders, which allows you to navigate by folder and filename.

Otherwise you are navigating by the ID3 tags within the files, and folder name and location do not matter at all. 

Got it! Thanks for your assistance in solving the problem.