How to copy a text file (not videos or photos) from Tablet to SanDisk flash drive?


I’ve been playing with the SanDisk for a couple of days, but cannot figure out how to copy other than Videos/Photos from the camera.

I’m writing memos on the tablet, when the Laptop isn’t convenient.  Afterwards, I want to copy those memos to the flash Drive, and then to the laptop, without the connecting USB cable.

I like to leave in a magnatic USB adapter, to save the input port from wearing away.  That’s why I’m trying to use the SanDisk Flash Drive, as the intermediary.

But it’s not clear how to point to a specific folder on the tablet, and then copy files from that folder to a folder on the Flash Drive.

The Flash Drive folders are clear and obvious.  But I can’t point to any folder on the tablet.

I don’t have a tablet so I can’t answer that but imo that’s a question for your tablet manufacturer.  And whatever OS it is running.  There is no OS or file manager on the flash drive.

If your tablet has Internet capabilities and an email client you could email the files to yourself and receive them on the laptop.