How to Convert your DVD to any format at your will?

Long time ago, I hope I could take part in some classes to strengthen my health and my good figure. But due to my special job as a salesman, I don’t have enough time to do that. So I bought one DVD of yoga, I hope I could do that through watching DVD. So I put DVD into my computer to be ready to practice, unfortunately all my players can’t read them. I feel so upset. I tried to look for nearly all the ways I knew to deal with it, but nothing had happened. One of my friends introduce AiseesoftDVD Riper to me. I tried it, yes, it works. Now I could play yoga anytime and anywhere when I am free. It is benifit both for my health and my figure, I love this feelings. Now I hope I could help you through my experiences.

This guide aims to show you how to convert DVD to different video format both for windows/mac users.

Part 1: How to Convert DVD on Windows with AiseesoftBest DVD Ripper

Step 1: Load DVD
Put your DVD to your DVD Drive and click “Load DVD” button to add your DVD

Step 2: Choose Output Profile

Selecting output format is really easy, you can chose your output format according to your devices players and the default setting works great.
For a veteran of digital player, you could customize your own settings by clicking “Settings” button to chose your own video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, encoder, etc.

Step 3: Start Conversion

Tips: How to effect, trim and crop the video to improve your output video quality.
After your Load your video you can click “Effect” button to access the effect panel

1: Effect
Adjust the video effect as you want: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Deinterlacing.

2: Trim
Clip your video, pick up any part of your video to convert.

3: Crop
Adjust video size, Cut off the black edge of your video to let you enjoy your movie in full screen by click the ‘Crop’ button
You have 2 ways to do crop:

a.Move your mouse cursor onto one of the eight small adjustment boxes on the cropping frame and drag the crop frame to crop the video such as cutting off top and bottom black bar. The cropped result will be shown on the Output Preview at the same time

b.Type the value directly or set the value in “Left”, “Right” and “Cropped area size” area to set the position of the cropping frame.

You can also select the aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode drop-down list. There are 4 choices for you: Full Screen, 16:9, 4:3 and Keep Original.

If you own the Mac OS, You can use the AiseesoftDVD Ripper for Mac