How To Contact Alexa Customer Service: Phone, Email, and Chat

Here’s how to get Alexa customer service number :telephone_receiver:+1-844-604-3244 on the line when you need support.
Amazon Alexa has an extensive help section that should help you independently clear up most of the roadblocks that you might run into while using Alexa echo device. If, however, you run into a problem, that you just cant seem to solve on your own, heres how to get in touch with Alexa`s customer service team.
To contact Alexa

  1. Visit the Amazon`s customer service page.
  2. When it asks what would like help with today? Click on something else.
  3. This will open up a new window, where Amazon`s automated messenger bot will ask you to describe your issue. Say, “Talk to a representative”.
  4. The messaging assistant will present you with the following options:
    Chat with an Associate now
    Request a phone call
    If you request a phone call, you will receive a call from Alexa`s customer service shortly. Note that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Other Ways to Contact Alexa Customer Service
  5. Alexa Customer Service Email Address
    You may be able to reach Alexa customer service at
  6. Alexa Customer Service on Twitter
    If you have a twitter account, you can reach Alexa customer service at the handle “@amazonhelp”.
  7. Alexa Customer Service Phone Number
    Try reaching Alexa customer service at the phone number 1-844-604-3244 for support.
    So, these were some ways that you can get with Alexa! We hope that you`re able to fix issue with Alexa echo!