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Okay, simple question but I’m technologically impaired here.  I bought some Altec Lansing Plug n Play speakers that plug into laptop.  There’s an aux hole to plug in aux devices such as mp3 player.  What kind of cord do I need to plug my Sansa E260 into the speaker aux port?

My Altec Lansing Speakers are connected to my computer via the headphone jack on my computer,  if this is the same for yours, you should not have to buy any other cord to connect your mp3 player to the altec lansing speakers, I just use the same cable directly connected to the headphone jack on my Sansa e260 it works great.
If you want to have a seperate cable you can try buying one of these

male to male 3.5mm adapter

@biggt wrote:

male to male 3.5mm adapter

my friend call this cable ‘brokeback cable’.

HAHHAHA@brokeback cable. lol… good stuff.


Thanks, I was wondering if I could just use same plug in…  But I also still want to get another connector cause the speakers have an AUX opening on front to plug in mp3 so you don’t have to plug and unplug from laptop all the top…

So this “male to male” cord is what I’d need for that?  (Now I can’t think of it with a “straight” face) :slight_smile:

If you got this one

You should be able to just sit it in the connection on the bottom of the player and work it from there. Otherwise, yes, you would need that male to male cable.

Just about anything with the same 3.5mm cable can be plugged into it. Pretty nifty.

I can only assume it didnt come with one, is that right?

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“Brokeback cable”