how to check the speed of your readycache ?

Hi guys 

         what program/utility can you use to check the data read/write speed of my sandisk readycache ? … can you use ATTO or crystalmark …

         i allready have crystaldisk info installed,however this only reports the drives health status ,

                                    thanks guys !

This is a caching product sequential throughput is all that relevant. Also this SSD using a HFS file system when the Expresscache software is used so traditional benchmarks would not work. You can check the speed by running IO meter or similar apps to test the overall performance of the machine. Testing the speed of the SSD is not really the way to test a caching system. Overall system performance tests are a better way to go. 

If you want to see the speed of the SSD you can delete the partition and format it as a regular drive then run crystal disk mark or ATTO on it to see throughput of the SSD.