How to charge Clip on vacation in Europe ???

We will have a rental car, but no laptop.  Is there a way to charge the clip in the car (like I do my phone)?

I would think you could use the same 12 volt charger on your Clip as you use on your cell phone if it uses a standard USB connector.  If you want to use the FM radio you are going to have to swap in the european F firmware for the North American A firmware before you leave.

I am pretty sure the car charger for my blackberry would fit on the Clip.  Is that a 12 volt charger?

  1. no need to change firmware for europe trip, just go to FM settings select World Band
  2. Blackberry charger puts out 5 V, it will work for the Clip. Just make sure the AC adapter is rated for 220V AC input. You will likely need some adapter plug for it.