How to change Starting Track when plugged into USB port on Alpine Car Headunit

Hi All,

Just got my 8GB Sansa Clip and purchased a New Alpine CDE 111R Headunit for the car.

When I have the Clip connected via the USB port it always starts off with one particular sone (think it’s in what the player says is Folder 01 track 01) does anyone know how this can be changed?



Try Play All with Shuffle turned on.

@tapeworm wrote:
Try Play All with Shuffle turned on.

If hes using the USB port, the device will be mounted in MSC mode most likely, in which case the settings in the firmware won’t have any effect.  I think he’d need to change the settings on his head unit (if it even has any).  The fact that his head unit apparently can’t read tags doesn’t seem encouraging.  

I guess he could try renaming the folders on the sansa’s memory in case its just playing in alphabetical order.   

It esn’t play in alphabetic it looks like it plays in the order that the Albums were copied to the player.