how to avoid "not enough space please free 90 mb" Advices for Mac users?


I managed to solve this matter when it occured in dec 2008.  But it costed me all my tunes on the player. Luckily I always have a back up because I  usually have to convert from mp4 to mp3. So I get a spare playlist in mp3 wich I put on my external harddisc.

Now I got this  error again and the only solution for a mac user is to if you can format the disc to msdos fat 32 if the mac has that option.

I also always use the “copy cat” for mac when uploading music.

My lesson as a mac user dealing with sansa fuze is to be very careful when uploading and always keep a good reserve of space on the sansa.

But I wonder has it come there a way to restore the sansa without formatting the player since december 2008 or is the sansa still mainly for windows users?

Make sure you have the latest firmware update installed on your Sansa.

This device works with Mac by using MSC mode. Make sure before disconnecting the device from your Mac that no software or program is accessing it. Drag the icon to the trash just to make sure (eject) before disconnecting.

I sometimes load songs from a Mac computer (drag and drop).

Backing up songs/files is always a good idea! :wink: 

I also had the same error message. If you enter the refresh menu, by putting the Fuze on Hold and holding the REW button as you plug the USB into the unit it should reconize it. Then use Mac Disk Utility to repair the drive. Seems the problem comes from wrong volume size. No need to reformat the drive. Has happened twice to me so far, and it has repaired the drive and no error message on booting up! Seems like Sansa should fix this problem, since it seems to happen to a lot of people!!