How to add audio book to the "golist"?

I have a 8G clip and have the latest firmware (02.01.32p) on it.

I can add songs to the “golist” with no problem, both with “press and hold” and the sub-menu

However I can’t add audio books to the “golist”. Neither “press and hold” nor the sub-menu

Could anyone tell me how to do this please?

I read in the “firmware update” thread at

that there is a known issuse “Playlists containing Audiobook folder files does not work”

Is this something related?

I don’t want to move my audio books to the music folder because I also want the “resume” feature for audio books.


Just wondering why you want to add an audiobook to the goList?  Is there some benefit to using the goList I’m missing out on?

I would guess a firmware issue with playlists IS most likely related to an issue with the goList since it’s a playlist.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s just my habbit: I have lots of audio books and some music on the clip.

When I play music, I play by artist/album, etc, not using the goList

My problem is, after listen to some music, there’s no easy way to find the book I was listening (before the music) except for going through the book list (please let me know if there’s an easier way. Thanks!), and it’s kind of boring.

What I want is: before changing from books to music, I can add the book to the goList, so that after some music, I can use the goList to find the book I was listening easily.

Kind of using the goList as a bookmark or “recent opened files” list

Don’t think you can add them to the go list unless you retag them as music.

Thanks. Do you mean move them to the “music” folder? I’ll lost the “resume” feature then, and I want this too because some books are hours long…

Or change the genre, but yes you would lose a lot of functions. 

This thread is similar and may help.  I don’t use audiobooks so my experience is limited.

Thank you all.

So here’s my test result:

  • With “audiobook” Genre tag, in “audible” or “music” folder: can “resume”, can’t add to “goList”

  • Without “audiobook” Genre tag, in “audible” or “music” folder: can’t “resume”, can add to “goList”

  • in “Audiobook” folder, with or without “audiobook” Genre tag: can “resume”, can’t add to “goList”

Looks I can’t have both “resume” and “goList” at the same time. I’d guess this is a firmware problem and with the next update could fix this.