How to add album art using MSC mode?


I just got my new Fuze+ (8 GB) and tried to put in album art using “drag and drop”/MSC mode, but it doesn’t work.

There are several other threads about this regarding the old fuze and other players, but unfortunetaly none about the Fuze+. There is also nothing about this in the User manual, i believe.

So I tried the same method that worked for the older players, which is to simply put a picture named “album art.jpg” or “folder.jpg” into the folder of the album, but it doesn’t work. I tried this several times with different pictures and different resolutions.

Any ideas?

Okay, I found a solution, but I do not like it very much. :wink:

I can attach album art to the mp3 files using a mp3tag editor (such as mp3tag) and then copy them onto the player using drag and drop. Unfortunately the old solution would be much more convenient for me, because my music collection is quite a mess. :wink:

And I also wonder if there is a way to switch the clock from 12h to 24h system? I live in Austria and we are not used to “am” and “pm” over here … just a tiny thing, but it would be nice to have.

the fuze+ does not have a 24hr clock at this time unfortunately. 

Here is my suggestion: 

Use Media Monkey … can’t stress enough how useful this media program is.  I am very meticulous about album art and making sure my ID3 tags are perfect, so I tag everything in Media Monkey by highlight all songs of an album, right-click, and go to tag album.  This allows you to embed artwork from the internet in the ID3 tags, and it tidies up your music library very quickly and easily. 

Now, often times, you will get album art that has an annoying white line on the bottom edge, top edge, or sides, even if a very narrow white line, it is annoying nevertheless.  What I have found (and this is odd, sort of) is that when I go to Amazon, search under MP3 downloads or Music for whatever album, save the album art that shows up to a folder and manually add it to an album in Media Monkey (embed it in ID3 tags), this gets rid of the white lines, I guess a lot of album art on Amazon is of higher quality, I don’t know.  

Try that and see how it works.  Once I started using MM, I couldn’t go back, it has helped get my music in order.  

Hmm, I guess I will have to go and tag everything properly then. I am using a tool called “mp3tag”, which is similar to MediaMonkey, but a lot simpler. Still a lot of work though …

But I think I can help you with  those white lines. Some album art that you find on the internet have strange resolutions, such as “300x290” or “500x492”. I think if you use “300x300”, “400x400” and so on, you won’t see white lines. Amazon usually uses 500x500.

This is a good point.  It never occurred to me that the odd resolutions would be the cause of the white lines.  

k im new at this but ive tryed media monkey and i just cannot get get the album art on my sansa fuze+ can u run me through the steps on how to do it plz?

It’s probably easier to do it with MTP mode instead, so that way the Fuze+ gets mounted as a drive and MP3Tag will be able to directly edit the files (it can’t read the disk if it’s mounted as a device). On that note, I use MP3Tag in Windows and EasyTag in Ubuntu. Both are great pieces of software and it’s rather easy to put album art on. Just open the directory with the files, select all the files in the album (I separate my folders by albums so this is really easy), and just copy/paste album art from Google Images. Drag-and-drop is also much quicker, in my opinion, than using third-party software like MediaMonkey to sync the files.

ok so i have gotten the MP3tag and i dont know how to use it any advice???

  1. Click the Change Directory button (folder with checkmark on it).
  2. Browse to folder and select the folder with the MP3s.
  3. Go to Google Images or anywhere with the image, copy the image to clipboard.
  4. Select all the files from the album, right click the album art space, hit Paste.
  5. Control+S to save all the images.

ok so when i go to browse folder and try to find the mp3s i click the folder and it shows nothing but if i go to my computer and do the same thing the mp3s are there???

That’s expected. You’re looking for the directory, not the actual .mp3 files. Just click “Open Directory” and you’ll be fine.

SCORE it seemed to work thank u for the help ive been searching for a wile to find out how to do it and u helped thanks.

ok so i did that and it still did not work? i moved it from google images like u said but it didnt seem to work???

When you find the image on Google Images, right click -> Copy, then right click on the album art space -> Paste. Ctrl + S to save changes.

yes i have done that and i thought it was all going on but when i had disconnected my fuze it wasnt there the Album art must not have saved or something but idk?

oh haha im an ■■■■■ lol i did do it right but when i did it i put the album art onto the music folder on my desktop and not my fuze but thank you for the advise it worked :slight_smile:

@ihateipod wrote:

oh haha im an ■■■■■ lol i did do it right but when i did it i put the album art onto the music folder on my desktop and not my fuze but thank you for the advise it worked :slight_smile:


Yes, that might make a difference. :smileyvery-happy:

Enjoy the device. I just turned down a Nano 6G 8GB for $10 (special offer parents got using special points) in favour of keeping this device. I compared my Nano 4G (SQ supposedly similar to 6G) to my Fuze+, and discovered that after listening to the Fuze+ the Nano 4G got very tiring on the ears in just minutes. Instead getting a free 8 GB microSD card to expand the device. Here’s to hoping that the Fuze+ gets improved a ton, and maybe gets RB support in the future.