How on earth do I attach the strap?


I have read through all instructions in the box to no avail:

After testing various ways, I managed to attach the strap to one of our two players by inserting the thin noose into the slit under the head phone plug hole. It just got stuck there. I haven’t a clue if that’s the correct way.

Can someone please confirm or tell me how it’s supposed to fasten?


Isn’t that where the microSD card goes? The other side of the player, which serves as a cover to the USB male plug, has a place (towards the mirrored side) where the nose of the strap can be inserted and fixed.

good luck

on the piece that you remove to charge the unit, run the string, with the metal piece on it, under the small divider. You may need a very small screw driver or a needle to retrieve it. Then loop it through the lenyard…Done!