How much better is FM player on Clip+

Are there stations that you couldn’t pick up on the old Clip that are now coming through on the Clip+.  I am aware that the headphone chord acts as the antenna and a longer chord is better, but is there any improvement in the application itself?

With mine, I find that the Clip+ FM receiver is on par with the Clip, with one exception: during scanning, or operating the controls, the OLED display feeds a wee bit of EMI through the receiver until the display times out, then reception seems pretty good.

In other words, tune in your favorite station.  If you hear interference, wait for the display to turn off, and see if reception is clear.

I’m spoiled by the e200 series v2, the champion of FM reception among my collection.

Any other Clip+ listeners care to comment?  I’m curious as well.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the same problem - it seems that doing anything else with the Clip+ (navigating menus, recording, …) adds noise and spoils the radio reception.

When recording radio it seems the device is continually updating something, even after the screen goes blank (maybe the elapsed time counter) and causing repetitive clicks and buzzing noises; but if you press the centre-button (so you’re prompted to save) and wait for the screen to blank, the noise goes away.

Unfortunately, it stops recording at that point, so I can’t see a way to record FM radio without interference.

Maybe the answer is to get a really long ear-phone wire.

Or just a very long wire - forget the ear-buds if we’re recording - just a really long aerial to boost the signal.

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As a footnote, if you are making an audio (voice) recording with the Clip+, you’ll find that there is interference for the first few seconds, this is normal.  It’s the OLED display active.  As soon as it times out, your recording is pretty clear.

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