How many watts do you need to charge a Sandisk Clip Sport?

May you please tell me the watts, the input, and output?

Thanks, and email me the answer at

The Sport is a basic “USB-charged” device.  As such, a basic 500 mA USB port (such as on a computer) or charger works fine.

Thanks. Will a 5watt ac adapter work just fine?

“Thanks. Will a 5watt ac adapter work just fine?”

You mean a usb charger with 5 watts max output at 5 volts? That is one amp. That would be fine.

the charger that should be used is an output of 5 volt .5A (500mA). Putting this in an OHM calculator shows this would be 2.5W

That said I have used iPhone and iPad chargers and other USB to AC chargers with no problem. I would just look for one that has an output of 5volt .5A (500mA) to be safe. 

Thank you very much!