How many songs do you have on your player?

Also, which Sansa do you own?  How many gigs? What kbps do you rip at?   I have a 2gb Clip and I rip at 160 High Quality and get just over 400 songs on my player which I find - for now anyway - is a comfortable quantity (ie, not so few that I get the same songs repeating all the time).  I plan to keep it full all the time, replacing songs here and there as I tire of them. 

(Enigma - your reply made me decide to come back and share the sort of music I’m listening to on my Clip).

Basically, my 400 songs reflect a mix of Beatles-influenced/melodic music, instrumental guitar rock & country including The Ventures,  Johnny A, Chet Atkins, Classic Rock, New Age, as well as a variety of mix comps I’ve made & received from others since I got into cd burning in 2000.  I’ve even got one tune on there I recorded myself recently (guitar & keyboard instrumental), which is kind of cool when it turns up in shuffle mode.

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8gb e200 is my main player. About 1300 songs, various bitrates and quality (it doesnt bother me that much). But all Id3 tags are set. Took me the better part of 3 days to get it all done the way I wanted it; for the e200.

The 2 artist with the most tracks I have on my player on Eminem (4.8 hours) and Jay-Z (3.9 hours); Linkin Park tied Lil-Wayne for 3rd (2.8 hours)

I have a 2gb for working out. Filled up as well.

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I do need more songs though…



i had around 600-800 on my Zen, but then it died

6,741 on my ZuneHD

2,695 on my Touch

2,418 on my Clip Zip

442 on my Clip+

204 on my Shuffle

About 820 songs on my PC, and 500 on my old school Clip. lol…  

Marvin, why did you get a Shuffle? Did someone give it to you?

@jk98 wrote:

Marvin, why did you get a Shuffle? Did someone give it to you?

Well, recently I heard from someone that I trust that it produced good sound, if you had decent headphones. And I do have some decent headphones, that don’t require EQ, so I decided to give one a shot. After all, I had always bashed Shuffles without ever trying one, (same as the ZuneHD before I got that) so I thought, why not see for myself if it is any good, rather than rely on preconceptions and stereotypes?

And come to find out, I like it. Sounds great, has enough power for any of my headphones, and it has the best controls for blind operation ever, as far as play/pause, volume up/down, and track forward/back. Once it is clipped into the usual place where I clip my other Clips with clips, every button push is exactly what I wanted, no need to look.  Sure, it is down on capacity compared to my Sansas, and yeah, there is no screen, but for just listening on shuffle, you don’t need a screen. It’s all metal construction, too…aluminum for the body, and stainless steel for the clip.

Does it replace my Clip+ or Clip Zip? Not at all. It’s simply an addition to the stable…a third player with 15 hours rated battery life.:wink:

Marvin,  it sounds like you have too much extra money now. :)  I am surprised that you bought so many players in the past few months, and that some of them are expensive players. I am curious about ipods, but not curious enough to buy one. I know it is frustrating that Sandisk releases just one model a year. Instead of an ipod, I might buy a recorder (either a Sony one or an Olympus WS700m) that has a card slot and runs on AAA batteries.

I do wish Sandisk would make some metal players in their Clip series. Aluminum is cheap now. I do realize fabricating metal is more expensive than plastic.

I would like to see a special limited edition clip+ in aluminum with a metal clip and in a much higher capacity.

" I would like to see a special limited edition clip+ in aluminum with a metal clip and in a much higher capacity. …"

It would be even nicer if it could be 25% thicker or less, and 25% longer or less, and have 30+ hours of battery life and a second card slot.

@mags1230 wrote:

I would like to see a special limited edition clip+ in aluminum with a metal clip and in a much higher capacity.

A 32GB model with a slot would be nice, wouldn’t it? :smiley:

A 32GB Clip with a card slot would be interesting, however I still say it needs more battery life. With a 32GB player and a 32GB card, that would give over 800 hours of music at 192 kbps. Having only enough battery life to play around 2% of it does seem out of sync. How about a modular snap on spare battery, and a charger to charge it without using the player? A kit with 2 snap on batteries and a charger for them could be an optional accessory.

I have 2500 tracks on my Zip; 220 on my shuffle; 1020 on my Nano and around 500 on my iPod Touch (I keep space on that free for other stuff.)

Around 900 on my phone, also.

I’ve 500 to 800 songs in my pc which i’m listen on daily basis along with ma work…


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3,914 songs on my Clip Zip now…and only 99 of them are on the internal memory.

424, I think. I might have more, but yes, I actually have that much. I actually have around the same number of DVDs, yes I am a collector.

i have like 48 GB of music sorted by collection