How many people really like their Express?

I actually love it.  My biggest BIGGEST annoyance is the predetermined shuffling order and that the shuffling doesn’t play all the songs.  Other than that, I love this device.  It makes the commute back and forth from Philly to NYC very bearable.  I have to admit, for something this small, it can do a whole lot.  I hear a lot of complaints but not much love for it.  Anybody like this player besides me? (this is my first mp3 player)

I do :smiley:

You can read my mini review on the off-topic page with post of “Which MP3 player would you choose…”

I love my express, and with the 2gb sandisk card it makes a great MP3 player that I can store things on as I take it place to place.  It’s a data vault that I always have on me.

That said, I wish they would fix annoyances like the memory card incompatibilities, the random song order (which does kill it as a music listening device… who wants to hear the same songs over and over on a commute?  Why not just use a cd player), and the fact that it doesn’t auto-resume after a pause then shut down.  It’s like, if you’re a music listener, or a podcast guy, there is something to tick you off.  The firmware updates need to be handled consistantly too.  I had to get a version downloaded from the net, because I couldn’t get the firmware update to work on any computer, in any mode.  I literally hate that pausing has become a game of chicken.  Will I be able to resume before it powers off in ten minutes, or will I forget and have to fast forward for five minutes to get back to where I was?  Or should I just hold down power for five seconds, which is annoying, so I know it will work?

When they get some fixes for these, the sooner the better, I will defend it to the death as the best sub $100 player, and recommend it to everyone.  As is, I have a hard time recommending it to anyone but a hard core techie like me that will put up with it’s quirks.

It’s good for the price but the firmware is dreadful.  It should never have been released with so many serious bugs.

BTW, it will resume as long as you don’t pause it.  Just power off while the track is playing and then when it is turned back on it will play from the same point.

Haha, I only had mine for a day before the firmware update crashed on me. It’s like the m series all over again. So I’m not quite surprised. I like it.

The shuffle issue can be fixed if you repeat all first and then shuffle on.

Seems to help.

I’ve had mine for over a month now.  I use it during the week M-F on my commute from Philly to NYC and back.  6 hours of total time I use M-F.  Thats a lot of hours.  And frankly, I love this little piece of ****.   As I’ve mentioned before, the randomization could be better but since I change the songs that I have on my Express constantly, its just a minor inconvenience.  Other than the other problems that other people have, I have been very fortunate that it has worked so well for as many hours that I use it for.

I Love It.

I like that it has a Radio - tho, I would like AM as well as FM (If it had AM I would really like the record from radio option).

I have not found any problems with it playing music, I encode all my MP3’s with the Track #, Album Name, and Artist then just play the music by either the Artist or the Album.

Lately, I have been listening to an Audio Book with it and if I turn it off in the middle of a track, when I turn it back on it will pick up where it left off. [the only minor annoyance is that the Audio book shows up in Music and not as an Audio Book.]

While I have not had a chance to get a MicroSD card, yet, I look forward to getting one and having even more storage space.

I do - its fairly cheap and its a great player for the price point

Only one day os use and broke. And now after a month I’m getting it back this Monday ^^

 Very cool, well thought out little device:
Hardware;  A
Software ;  B-

Worked perfectly all summer 'til I ran it through the washing machine.  Missed it so much I bought another one.  By the way–the SD card survived the cleaning.

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I have had my express for about a week…just getting used to the fact that it only plays mp3’s and wma’s…since it is replacing an original 512mb ipod shuffle

Battery life seems fine, highest volume seems a little low, I am using it in the car with a cig lighter plug in fm transmitter

I have a 512mb sandisk card in it that I already had…works fine

I have had problems with the usb power issue, but after reading the forum I have i hope taken care of that, so thanks to the poster who put that up!

I have tried both WMP and File Explorer ways of copying files to and from the device.  File explorer is definitely easier

It seems to me that mp3’s take up more space than wma’s??

So is there a consensus about file formats for the Express?  Would like to hear opinions.

aww that sucks having it going thru the washing machine. Maybe if the battery wasn’t internal, you could have saved it from being short circuited. lol but it’s no surprise that your card still functions. Just let your device dry for a day or two and it’ll work perfectly afterwards.

I had mine SE 2 Gb for 2 days now. I bought it together with a sandisk 2 Gb microSD/Transflash and they really works fine together. Firmware is 01.01.01F2. What is a little annoying is that I cant read the display outdoors in sunlight. Yesterday I should turn the radio on but instead I changed language to italiano. When I got inside, I tried 3 timed to change it back but by some reason the SE turned off after first mp3 song and when I turned it on again it was still italiano. I was forced to use the hard reset to start it over again… When I came home I load some more music in it and created a playlist (with WMP 11). This seems to works allright so far. So even if I was very tired yesterday and ready to send my SE back, I decided to ease a little and give it a try for a few more days, were I keep my fingers away from the buttons when I do not know how to do. So I think I love it (what its meant to be) much enough to give it another chance.

the Sandisk version of the msd card work for the SE but not the kingston and other brands.

“What is a little annoying is that I cant read the display outdoors in sunlight.”

You know you can change the brightness setting.  You can also adjust  how long the scrolling feature showing the song while you are playing it from 10 sec to 30 sec and i think longer than that.

I used to, but not since the last firmware update. That messed up my player so much that I am telling everyone that I know not to purchase this unit. The tech support sucks, to put it kindly.


I received my Sansa Express this morning. I charged it on my PC, installed sansa updater, did a firmware update, uploaded music and connected a pair of logitech earphones I own. The quality of sound is excellent to my standards. I am very pleased by the player. Very simple and easy to adopt menu structure. OLED screen is excellent, though small to keep budget low. Firmware update added Greek language! I haven’t tested MP3 files with Greek names, yet. I also hope that after firmware update the player will be able to charge on wall charger (waiting for batteries to drain before attempting). However I should advise anyone who plans to do firmware update to be very carefull. While I was doing mine, I started receiving messages from Win XP that a new device was found and that computer needs restart, while firmware was being upgraded. Ofcourse answerd answered NO and let sansa updater do its chore. Firmware update went OK. No problems, yet.

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I completely agree. the predetermined shuffling order sucks. But the rest is awesome… LOVE IT!

good thing i read the posts before i updated my sansa! haha!

Ive had an ipod before but it got stolen. I like this one just as much, its cheap!

Put repeat all on first and then shuffle on. That seems to fix that issue.

I love it. At first I thought it was a little strange. But I´ve changed. Some problem occured the two first days,propably because I haven´t read the manual. Or didn´t see the display without glasses out in the sunlight. Since then I handle it carefully. Two or three times it frozes and I had to make a hard reset (according to startup). I have approx 3.5 Gb of music inside. And one book in MP3-files. I´ve done 4 playlists so I can exclude the ebook when I want to listen to music in shuffle mood. One for classical music, one for jazz and two for different kinds of pop-songs. This works wonderful. I do not understand what people mean when they say You have to listen to the same songs all the time. Thats not how it works for me. The radio is also ok and I am very pleesed with it. For this price You cannot have a better machine. So even if I should be very careful to update the firmware (because so many people report problems with that) I must say I like it hot :wink: