How long does it take the Clip to LOAD?


the Sansa is charging since eleven o clock, and now it’s 16 o’clock- it was charging for more than 5 hours but it is not full yet.

I went to the electronic-devices-shop with my first sansa to change it and now there is charging my new one. It took a lot of time to get there and I want to use it !

So, why does it take so long for the Sansa to load?

Depends on how you are charging it. With a reasonably current desktop computer with USB 2.0 ports, it should only take approx. 4 hours or so to completely charge a battery from a totally discharged state. Note though, new players are shipped with batteries loaded with about a 40% charge. And even if it is not completely charged, you can still unplug it and use it. There is no memory problem on these batteries like older ones.

Besides, you can use the time it is charging to load it up with your music. :wink: