How is ExpressCache 1.3.2 working?

Same issue here re cache resets.

Seems to be linked to two different things:

1.)  System memory may be less than optimum as system uses a 48-bit Intel memory chip.  What this means is that even tho the system runs Win 7 64-bit just fine, it is a transition system board in migration between 32-bit and true 64-bit operation.  So it cannot see 4.0 GB RAM when it is installed, but 3.25 GB RAM.  It currenlty is running 3.0 GB RAM in the two slots available.

When running properly, it will display 768 MB RAM in use and 6121 Blocks in use by ReadyCache (see above) and when not, 0 MB in use and 0 Blocks in use in the case of a cache reset.  Otherwise, memory in use will vary from 768 MB RAM and 6121 Blocks in use to as low as 512 MB RAM and 4096 Blocks in use depending on what type of scanning program has just run.

2.)  I’ve seen a cache reset be triggered by manually running a Secunia PSI scanning session; 0 MB in use and 0 Blocks in use at the end of the scan.  When this happens, the system will revert to normal prior unenhanced operation, with the usual old system data displayed in the Task Manager Performance window.  It will take up to 60 minutes for these numbers to change back to the way they were before the crash when this occurs as ExpressCache recovers.

I"ve been monitoring ReadyCache performance for some time now using cmd as admin and using the eccmd -info command and capturing the resulting scan results.  I’ve  copy/pasted these scans into over 50+ different notepad files, each saved as UTF-8 format and pointedly have run this system over at least a two day period between reboots. 

(These files are grouped by the name of the pc and # number total reboots the system has seen since the Sandisk ReadyCache SSD has been installed.)


There has to be a way to exclude a/v scanners, antimalware scanners, and other scanning programs (like a disk imaging program)  from the ReadyCache installation as running these scans always negatively impact the proper operation of the Sandisk ReadyCache SSD, and can even cause it to crash temporarily.  Home use is different from enterprise use; one of these differences is that business users do not scan their systems on a regular basis, if at all.  IT staff will step in only if a user complains about a system issue when requested.  As it seems as if ExpressCache software is still geared to enterprise usage and scenarios, Sandisk may want to look into how home usage of their product differs.

If this option were to be put in place in the next oem ExpressCache version, implementing this option should be a workaround that works on this system and others, as it should rarely run into the SSD maximum space and LBA limitations as it now seems to do.

I may even put this data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Hello mchain,


Thank you for the very thorough feedback. I will pass this along to the ExpressCache team. Would you be willing to share the notepad files and other logs that you have gathered? This may help the development team find a solution for this issue. 


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Just point the way on how to do it.  Expect files very soon after you answer.  

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I have sent you a Private message.

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Replied but am having issues via PM re Dropbox.