How I can restore iTunes Library?

I want to restore iTunes Library on other computers. Is there any software to do that easily with less hassle. I don’t want to follow full GUIDE because I am lazy plus not a computer nerd.

Pls help me!

Hey bradmilton, 

Actually its easy to restore iTunes Library very easily. But as you mentioned that you dont want to follow guide, then I will recommend you to use Music Manager software which helps you to restore your iTunes Library with simple steps. You can read more on official page.

This tool helps you to :

  1. Transfer Music Between Apple Devices and iTunes

2. Backup/Rebuild iTunes Library

3. Fix Entire iTunes Library and many more.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers!! :dizzy_face:

Here is a simple guide, if you really want to restore it then you must follow this steps. 

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