How does iit work????????????

I am having problems with my sansa express with it not wanting to charge from an AC adaptor, and i found out that updating the firmware will help, so i downloaded the firmware updater and tried to run it but it just says “sansa updater can only be launched by sansa service!” I am confused. How do I update the firmware for my express when the prog will not launch. Do I have to download stuff off the internet for it?. It would help if SanDisk provided a manual with with it too

The updater normally makes itself known when the player has an update available. If you think its giving you problems, try to uninstall it and re-install the updater

The file that runs the updater is located here:


C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Updater\sansaupdater.exe


Create a shortcut to the file and put it on your desktop.  Edit the shortcut and in the Target properties, add the following to the end of the line:




So, the line will look like this:


“C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Updater\sansaupdater.exe” -iloveit


Remember, there is a space between the closing double-quote and the hyphen.  Launch the shortcut and the Sansa Updater will show in the SystemTray.

How does Sandiskwork?

@cliffwhitehead wrote:

How does Sandiskwork?


SanDisk works great.  Sansas do too.  Please elaborate on your issue, and I’m sure we can help you!

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just got a sandisk sansa clip+ mp3 player-haven’t opened it,but all I want it for is

audible books. how do I download the books I have vista and windows 7/ does the thing come with earpods? where is a website to download books. 56yr old newbee fyi

The Clip+ is bulletproof, and is atomic fast.  The package includes a set of earbuds, the flat type, not “in-ear-monitor” type.

You’ll find that their sound quality is surprisingly good.

If you are interested in audiobooks from Audible , you’re in for a treat.  The Clip+ works very well with these audiobooks, and supports all Audible features.

Also included with the Clip is a mini-USB cable for charging and transferring files.

The only tricky part with audiobooks is media rights, so be sure to have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed on your PC (this provides MTP mode functionality for the device).  As you have Windows 7 , this is already done!  Win 7 comes with WiMP 12 integrated into the operating system.

By far, I prefer Audible.  There may be a trial offer card in your Clip+ packaging, as they have various offers.  You can check out Overdrive or NetLibrary, offering online books, often together with your local public library.

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This is what i really need right now!Thanks a lot!

After converting DVD to iTunes Mac file formats, now, you can import DVD movies to iTunes Mac to freely enjoy your favorite movies anytime and anywhere.

@supersusan2011 wrote:

After converting DVD to iTunes Mac file formats, now, you can import DVD movies to iTunes Mac to freely enjoy your favorite movies anytime and anywhere.

And this has to do with the Sansa Express (or any Sansa mp3 player for that matter), updating the firmware or anything relevant to this thread exactly how?

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