How do you tag files so that they can be sorted by the player

Hi all

I just bought my daughters an m240 player for Christmas but I don’t know how to organise the music files. Apparently the player creates a library automatically but do the files have to be tagged? If they do, how do you do it. I am mainly copying their CD collections at the moment, I haven’t got into down loading yet. I am copying the CDs as WAV files to my PC via EAC (Exact Audio Copy) then doing a copy/convert as WMA files via the built in Windows option. Then I intent to drag and drop the files into 1 of the 3 folders that I can see on the player. I don’t know which folder to use, they are Data, Media and Record (which is sub folder of Media).

How should I be doing it for best?

Thanks - Croc

you can create your own music folder, that should work fine.

In regards to updating the data, the easiest way for me is to update the wma’s through Windows Media Player. You can right-click the files and update the information through the internet, or have it look it up for you automatically whenever you insert your cd’s.