How do you play slideshows with music?

Alright maybe it is a stupid question and I’m usually not too bad with technology but I can’t figure it out.  I checked my quick start guide that it came with but it said to check the user manual and I don’t think it came with that.  Can anyone tell me how to do that or tell me where to find the user manual so I can figure out how?


By the way this is for the Sansa e260

Put your pictures on the go to the picture settings (using the settings “Down” button)

You can change the time it displays each picture and what music it will play.

okay can you be more specific? lol

i know how to change the slideshow settings

 i just want to play the slideshow

Select a picture?

how do you put pictures “on the go” ?  I select a picture and then click the options but here are the only options:

-view photo list

-view thumbnails

-slideshow options

under slideshow options all it has is:





I want to play the slideshow.

Select a picture and let it sit? 
Mine they start scrolling automatically.

The instruction manual might tell you- there’s a link below.