How do you not "Refresh Media" when unplugging USB?


On my old computer, I could unplug the Clip after charging, and I would be on the same song I was on before I plugged in.

On my new computer, after I unplug from USB, the Clip says “Refreshing Media”, and I have to start over and select what I was listening to previously.

How can I unplug without the Clip “Refreshing Media”?


Did you perhaps switch from Windows to Mac?

With Settings/System Settings/USB Mode at Auto Detect, the Sansa chooses MTP mode when connected to any computer running Windows Media Player 10 or above. MTP mode does not do Refreshing Your Media.

Connected to a Mac, it goes to MSC mode, which is the basic USB connection, and MSC mode does Refresh every time you change something–or, sometimes, even click on a file while connected.

But the Mac doesn’t have WMP–Apple vs. Windows–and you need to use MSC mode to connect to it.

It’s also possible you switched to a Windows computer still using WMP 9 or below. Windows XP came with WMP 9. In that case all you have to do is go to and update Windows Media Player.

If you really hate the refresh and feel comfortable with computers, you could install the alternative Rockbox firmware on the Clip. It does its refreshing in the background.  But you do have to follow its install directions carefully and you need  a little bit of a geek streak to love Rockbox.

Hi, I am on Windows 8 with WMP 12. Where is the System Settings/USB Mode you speak of? I cannot find it under computer settings. Thanks, Jeff

Settings is on the unit. Push the Home button (upper right). If you are on Music, click >I (upward) or just keep clicking that to find Settings. Click the center button and then >I for System Settings. Click the center button and click >I 3 times  to USB Mode, click up to MTP, hit the center button.   

Your advice seems to be working like a charm. Thanks!

I did this just to see for myself too. It’s working as it should be. Thanks a lot!